Network & System Integration

CCT provides a high level of service for businesses who demand for a network and system integration service, where we cover network, system and server integrations, structural cabling and server relocation. The series of services help businesses to be hands free whilst CCT manages all the tasks that your businesses desire. It helps to optimize business efficiencies as well as to enhance the resources distributions to someone reliable like CCT.

Network Integration

CCT  provides a multi-product solution that caters specifically to the customer who demands a high level of technology. Network integration is a hot topic these days due to the increasing advances in building automation technology. Software such as BAS (Building Automation Systems), CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Systems), security software, and building performance visualization software can now be integrated into one seamless system. An integrated system promotes efficiency and reduces costs, but without integration, facilities management can be very cumbersome.

When individual networks are not integrated, facilities staff has to learn how to operate each element separately. For example, the fire alarm system triggers the HVAC system to control smoke and ventilation, the access control system provides an exit for evacuation, and the elevator system brings the cabs to the floor. These separate elements have to be manually adjusted at different times, and does not promote efficiency. When it comes to better facilities management and truly efficient methods, system integration needs to be established. Read about the following 8 benefits of system integration to see how it makes facilities management more efficient:

System & Server Integration

CCT provides a Private Cloud solution that caters specifically to the customer who demands a high level availability server environment. Integration of Vmware VM platform, Veeam backup solutions, Microsoft AD Server, Exchange Server & SQL Server platform to form a reliable production environment for customers.

  • HP, Dell, Microsoft, Vmware & Veeam : Private Cloud Platform
  • Building private cloud platform using Vmware
  • Setup Active Directories, File Server, Exchange Mail & SQL Server using Microsoft
  • Full Backup solution using Veeam
  • Hardware Cloud Platform using HP & Dell

Server Room & Structural Cabling

Server room design has changed. So when planning one for an existing facility, make sure it meets current and future needs.

Modern data center design involves planning carefully for the center’s location, hardware and building infrastructure. It’s certainly not as simple as “build warehouse, insert computers”.

Server Room Design

A server room should function as a carefully controlled environment. We can create the right design by incorporating convenience, organization, safety, load consideration, etc. Factors such as scalability, flexibility and availability are heavily considered during the design phases. All servers are properly installed and configured with firewalls, spam and virus blocking tools and back-up utilities.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

We can assist with the installations of UPS. An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is a piece of electronic equipment that sits between the power outlet and critical electronics, such as a server, network switch, or building access controller. The UPS contains batteries, so that when the building power fails the UPS provides power instead of the outlet.

Server Consolidation

As businesses grow, they may experience server sprawl. Often, these machines are running at well under peak capacity. Server consolidation consists of load analysis, upgrades, virtualization, and other techniques to reduce the number of physical machines. This saves space, improves management, reduces power, and typically improves performance of key applications.


Is another method that can be utilized to increase hardware optimization, isolate applications and reduce costs. This portioning of the server allows for less to zero downtime.

Server Upgrades

Migrating applications smoothly from an existing machine to a newer, faster server is a challenge, even for an experienced IT team. CCT is experts at quickly and smoothly expanding your company’s IT center as you grow.

Structural Cabling

A well-designed structures cabling system which is capable for company expansion and flexible enough to accommodate moves, add and changes. It maximizes system availability, provides redundancy; and future proofs the usability of the cabling system.
We are experienced in designing a cabling plan that meets client future needs; add branches and add changes of human resource.

Storage Array Network (SAN)

A Storage Array Network (SAN) is a linked collection of high-speed disk drives, connected to servers via Fiber Channel or Ethernet. The servers see the disks as logical drives, as if they were simple, local drives. However, unlike many local drives, a SAN is often faster, more reliable, more scalable, and far easier to manage and optimize. The logical disk drives may either be smaller or larger than the physical drives. Customers that have a large amount of transaction data, or large databases frequently benefit from SAN architecture.

Fiber Solution

  • Single Mode & Multimode Fiber
  • Indoor & Outdoor Fiber
  • Fusion Splicing tools

Video Surveillance Solution

  • IP based CCTV
  • Traditional CCTV using Coaxial cable
  • Lightning Protection

Structural Cabling & Patching System Solution

  • AMP
  • Commscope (Systimax)
  • Molex
  • Panduit
  • Schneider

IT Room & Server Relocation

Relocation of server or data centre equipment usually involves high risk and detailed planning in advance is necessary. A reliable vendor is needed to reduce the potential high risk of equipment damages and data lost due to improper handling.

We provide a one-stop solution you expect and will be your reliable partner to handle all de-racking/re-racking, cabling removal/re-cabling, and decommission and recommission with our years’ of past successful experience. CCT provides certified Cisco Network engineer (CCIE, CCNP), certified Microsoft, Vmware, Veema engineer in the relocation progress and standby support. CCT also provides immediate spare parts and cloud service to backup in case of any unexpected accidents.

Courier partner and mover will be Columbia and Crown.

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