Data Center Services

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Data Center Services

Data Migration

CCT’s data migration solution simplify the complexity of system migration, migrating the existing systems without stopping the production system, which includes all data from the operating system, applications, user information and network configuration, etc. The time of migration process is thoroughly planned and reviewed and all the service will be immediately switched to the new system after the migration, realizing non-stop service during the migration process. The migration process is planned with precision and all services are immediately switched to the new system post-migration in a seamless manner. This outlines the professional delivery that our migration service provides.

Product Features

  • Migration Independent of Hardware
  • Near-Zero-Downtime Migration
  • Efficient Date Transfer Algorithm
  • Fully Support All Kinds of Application & Services
  • Drivers Migration Mode
  • Product Architecture

Data Backup

CCT’s Data Backup solution is a powerful enterprise-level data backup and management software, providing a complete data backup mechanism for UNIX, Windows and Linux environments and protecting all the data ranging from working group to enterprise-level server. The administrator can manage all the state of backup and restore through the visual graphical user interface, making a unified enterprise backup strategy. Our data backup provides backup and recovery resolution specific to Oracle, Informix, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange Server.

Product Features

  • Scalable Instruction
  • Support Multiple Recovery mode
  • Fully Support, Incremental and delta data back
  • Support All Kinds of Backup Media
  • Support Multiple Operating System


CCT provides internet data center service in Hong Kong, Greater China and Worldwide supporting management and maintenance of IT system and network. We offer a number of business solutions including managed service, server hosting, redundancy, security and disaster recovery, etc.

CCT offers cost-effective and scalable colocation services to host your mission-critical applications, setting you free from massive investments in IT infrastructure. In which your servers will be monitored by experienced onsite technical staff 24/7. Remote support is available to solve any urgent issues anytime.

Choosing a reliable provider is important where we know that any downtime of either internal or external applications even for a minute can cost you revenue and customer loyalty. CCT is experience in handling all your operational needs for utility hosting, transition hosting and application hosting through:

  • Standard 42U, 45U, 52U Rack for Server, router hosting
  • Data Centre Internet service with multiple international routing path
  • High Speed DIA Internet at Data Centre
  • IP Transit service to oversea countries
  • 7×24 Server Support, Network Support
  • 7×24 Uninterrupted Power supply environment
  • 7×24 Data centre technical support

Our Hosting Service Location

  • Hong Kong : China Telecom Global, China Mobile International, & HKCOLO (All Located at TKO) and Mega-i (Chai Wan)
  • Shenzhen: Esin IDC, Humeng IDC, China DragonTel IDCGuangzhou: Science Park
  • Dongguan: Towngas Telecom
  • Shanghai: 219 DC, and GDS
  • Suzhou: Suzhou Int’l Science Park DC
  • Taiwan: Chief Telecom IDC
  • Singapore: DRT IDC
  • Philippines : PLDT Vitro, Manila DC
  • Vietnam : Viettel Hanoi DC
  • US: Los Angeles DRT IDC

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